• Tornado Bingo (classic)
  • Tornado Bingo (New)
  • Whirlwind Bingo
  • Sunken Treasure
  • VBingo GAMUT
  • 24 Number Bingo

Tornado Bingo is a 24 number "instant" bingo game that has been played in bingo halls around the United States for over 13 years. Tornado is now available on the new VBingo® framework as well as the original "classic" system.

Within the Bingo Peak family of products, Tornado is designed for use in bingo operations of almost any size from as few as 10 players to well over 300 seat bingo

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  • 24 Number Bingo

Tornado Bingo, on the VBingo system, is an updated version of very popular and successful Tornado Bingo Classic . Updates include a new Progressive feature as well as updated graphics and other features designed to make an enjoyable player experience.

Tornado Bingo is an electronic version of the classic 24 number “bonanza” style bingo game. Players’ cards are daubed with 24 randomly selected balls selected by the bingo hall prior to game

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  • Fast Paced Bingo

We guarantee you won't find a faster game than Whirlwind . Developed first to satisfy all regulatory requirements for the State of California (effective 2010). This system will most likely meet any requirements in jurisdictions that allow bingo electronics.

A fast paced, multi-pattern "grind style" bingo game. A bit slower than "Instant" bingo but has blazing speed compared to traditional bingo. This versatile bingo system is designed to add revenue and fun to any

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  • Video Pulltabs

Sunken Treasure video pulltabs are classic pulltabs customers love. Animation feautures: Peek, Single Window reveal, Open All and more. Sunken Treasure plays just like traditional pulltabs.  Fully customizable game sizes and top payouts allow you to create your own custom game.  Multiple progressives to increase player participation. 

Anyone can make a slot machine out of a game! Finally a true electronic pulltab that looks, feels, and plays like a traditional pulltab game

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GAMəT works with U

The VBingo GAMUT™ system is Here!!. This is a web based application that broadens the scope and flexability of our popular VBingo® system. It covers the full GAMUT of your bingo operation!

Contact us to setup account access or for pricing and more information.



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