The VBingo® system is our latest platform. This is the new host framework that we "plug" our bingo and pull tab games into. This framework consists of the front-end client and the back-end server/database system as well as handles the communications between the two.

Currently the VBingo® system hosts our two most popular games, Tornado and Sunken Treasure. The VBingo® game system console is simple to use and all management functions are available directly from the Point of Sales station.

vbingomindersalesSell cards and Tabs and have them load directly to the minder or allow your customer to choose their own minder and login with their sales ticket number.





vbingocallerEnter or capture (from a call desk) called bingo balls directly within the Tornado game management screen. Open and close games, as well as manually verify bingo cards (optional).





vbingoreportComprehensive reporting includes; Drawer and Session reports, Period reports as well as a variety of accounting and auditing reports.





Contact us for more information or to arrange a live demonstration from one of our sales representatives.