Whirlwind Bingo

  • Fast Paced Bingo

We guarantee you won't find a faster game than Whirlwind. Developed first to satisfy all regulatory requirements for the State of California (effective 2010). This system will most likely meet any requirements in jurisdictions that allow bingo electronics.

A fast paced, multi-pattern "grind style" bingo game. A bit slower than "Instant" bingo but has blazing speed compared to traditional bingo. This versatile bingo system is designed to add revenue and fun to any bingo hall. The electronic handheld bingo solution will revitalize your bingo hall.

Incorporating a new twist based on the classics like "Ultimate Bingo", there simply is no other bingo game like it. Keep players on the end of their seats with Whirlwind Bingo.

  • Game Highlights
  • We can turn any call desk into a Whirlwind Bingo System for you.
  • Configurable Prize Table and Bonus Prizes. Win up to $500 in California.
  • Manual or semi-automated ball call.
  • Hands Free Call Desk.
  • Play games for $1 each or more.
  • Configurable End of Game win pattern.
  • Multi-Denomination Card Levels.
  • Requires only 1 attendant.
  • Fastest game play and verification system available.
    Remote Bingo Verification
    (Just scan the bingo card or card minder with the portable Verifier)
  • Vibrant 9 inch full color display (Handheld unit).
    California Option - Handheld Units Only
  • Full color 17" display (Fixed based touchscreen unit).
  • Touchscreen or Push button available.
  • A complete bingo game can be played in 1 minute.
  • Certified for use in California by BMM Testlabs.
  • ww player
  • Play a game a minute with up to 20 bingo cards per game.

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