Tornado Bingo (New)

  • 24 Number Bingo

Tornado Bingo, on the VBingo system, is an updated version of very popular and successful Tornado Bingo Classic. Updates include a new Progressive feature as well as updated graphics and other features designed to make an enjoyable player experience.

Tornado Bingo is an electronic version of the classic 24 number “bonanza” style bingo game. Players’ cards are daubed with 24 randomly selected balls selected by the bingo hall prior to game play. Players can choose to play 1 to 6 bingo cards at a time.

Bonus Play

Tornado Bingo offers an exciting bonus play round called “Tornado Alley” where players can win BIG!

Progressive Prize

Hit the Tornado Alley Pattern while in Tornado Alley bonus round and win the progressive prize!

  • Game Highlights
  • Exciting 24 number bingo game.
  • 24 number fixed 5-5-4-5-5 ball call. (entered from call desk draw or randomly picked via certified RNG)
  • VBingo® system is configurable to sell and play up to 4 different card denominations for Tornado Bingo.
  • Configure different prizes, patterns and progressives to be played during different bingo sessions.
  • Bonus play and Progressive prizes.
  • Play 1- 6 cards at a time.
  • All hit patters pay. Not just one per card like the other guys.
  • Player optional card colors and daub symbols.
  • Player optional daub speed and sound volume.
  • Achieve the bonus pattern and all pattern prizes increase for your next 12 purchased bingo cards.
  • Hit the bonus pattern again, on one of your bonus cards, and win the progressive!
  • Play on paper or use the video card minder or both.
  • Optionally display the ball call and card verification on one or more TV monitors.
  • Players can install minder software directly to their own Windows® or Android device and view their cards so long as they are within your hall WiFi range. We supply your hall with equipment but some customers may rather use their own personal device.
  • Integrated with the VBingo® system so that Sunken Treasure and Tornado share the same player station and players can go back and forth between the two games.
  • Ticket movable to any play station. (log out, log in)
  • Add credit/cards to player ticket without logoff. (up-sale)
  • Hand held and/or Fixed based player stations.
  • Custom Player Tables with 15"-21" color touch monitors
  • tornado alley
  • Tornado Alley Bonus cards. The magnification "bubble" on the top left is showing the progressive amount available to win as well as how many more "miles" are remaining of your bonus prize cards.
  • tornado alley progressive
  • This person hit the right pattern to win the Progressive Jackpot!

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