Sunken Treasure

  • Video Pulltabs

Sunken Treasure video pulltabs are classic pulltabs customers love. Animation feautures: Peek, Single Window reveal, Open All and more. Sunken Treasure plays just like traditional pulltabs.  Fully customizable game sizes and top payouts allow you to create your own custom game.  Multiple progressives to increase player participation. 

Anyone can make a slot machine out of a game! Finally a true electronic pulltab that looks, feels, and plays like a traditional pulltab game only by Bingo Peak. 

  • Game Highlights
  • View 1 - 4 tabs at a time.
  • Players can "peek" and open individual tab windows or "tear" open one or all their tabs simultaneously.
  • 4 tab box denominations are available on the tab minder at a time.
  • Each tab box has an optional 2-level progressive available.
  • Tab box denominations as well as box count, prizes, prize frequency and progressives are fully configurable per box.
  • Tab progressives are a player "achievement" that remains with the players ticket. This means that a player can stop play to go play bingo and return to any player station and keep their progress toward achieving the progressive.
  • Progressive jackpots "span" tab boxes so that they continue to build until hit.
  • Integrated with the VBingo® system so that Sunken Treasure and Tornado share the same player station and players can go back and forth between the two games.
  • Players can install minder software directly to their own Windows® or Android device and view their tabs so long as they are within your hall WiFi range. We supply your hall with equipment but some customers may rather use their own personal device.
  • tab play screen
  • "Tear" all tabs open at once!
  • tab play screen
  • "Peek" and open windows individually.

Contact us for more information or to arrange a live demonstration from one of our sales representatives.