Tornado Bingo (classic)

  • 24 Number Bingo

Tornado Bingo is a 24 number "instant" bingo game that has been played in bingo halls around the United States for over 13 years. Tornado is now available on the new VBingo® framework as well as the original "classic" system.

Within the Bingo Peak family of products, Tornado is designed for use in bingo operations of almost any size from as few as 10 players to well over 300 seat bingo halls use Tornado Bingo. Tornado bingo is “Bonanza” style bingo game where players' cards are daubed against 24 randomly selected balls, selected by the bingo hall daily. Players are competing by drawing electronic cards sequentially from a card permutation of 315000, 5 by 5, bingo cards. The players' cards are then marked, or daubed, using the same 24 randomly selected balls.

Tornado is the original "Bonanza" style game that pays all prizes won to the players. Our competitors have tried to do the same in the past but Tornado remains not only the original product but the best too. Don't settle for less in your bingo game, there is only one Tornado Bingo product.

  • Game Highlights
  • 24 number fixed 5-5-4-5-5 ball call. (entered from call desk draw or randomly picked via certified RNG)
  • Play 1 to 6 cards
  • Multi-Denomination
  • Double play bonus level
  • Purchase from POS
  • Ticket movable to any play station. (log out, log in)
  • Player choice of card and daub colors
  • Player choice of play speed and sound volume
  • Add credit/cards to player ticket without logoff. (up-sale)
  • Hand Held and/or Fixed based player stations.
  • Custom Player Tables
  • tornado
  • Win prizes on multiple card faces and multiple patterns per face. The play above paid 2 Crazy Stamps AND the Horizontal pattern. Notice the Horizontal pattern and one Crazy Stamp on the same face were both winners!

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